Is your business too small to have an EAP provider?

Oct 24, 2017

Starting a small business is continuous work – ask me I know!  Weekends blur into weekdays and you become accustomed to telling yourself you will stop and review where you are at as soon as you can get a break. But the risk of stopping keeps outweighing the benefit, so you don’t. Not stopping becomes easier the longer you don’t stop.

You know the statistics say that most small businesses are closed after seven years, the closures starting after 2 years; but you think, if I work hard and keep at it, I’ll get past that then I can take a break.  You might be starting to have disturbed sleep, or be cranky with your loved ones. Is this an okay situation?  How much stress does your business cause you?

As a small business the most important employee is you. You may know that valuing the health and wellbeing of your employees is fundamental to long term success, but do you also know that means your health and wellbeing? You could be in start up mode, making sure you dedicate as much time as possible to building a customer base which means you are minimising the time you spend on personal life, thoughts and feelings. Perhaps your business is up and running – does this mean you are torn between managing the demands of families and needing to be present personally for them, and, at the same time managing the growth of your business.

Its probably time to ask yourself Are you coping?  This means: Is your business getting what it needs from you? Your family? Importantly are you being present in your business and with your family?

A survey of 500 small – to medium – sized enterprises (SMEs) by regional lender and insurance company Suncorp shows more than two-thirds of small business operators have experienced personal challenges including fatigue, financial stress, loss of motivation or relationship strain because of their work. (posted by Channel 9 news) 14 June 2017).

No business is too small to be concerned about the health and well being of its employees, especially  you, the most important employee.

A great workplace environment is part of the success formula but it’s hard if you lack the expertise or time required. That’s why our top team of therapists, led by Michelle Trudgen, an experienced Clinical Social Worker, accomplished Cognitive Behaviour Therapist and ACT Trainer, can provide you with a step-by-step plan to make sure that you and your employees are healthy, engaged in your business and can achieve their full potential at work and at home.   Taking yourself and your employees wellness seriously gives you an edge over your competition and an edge in your life.

CONTACT US If you want additional support, ACT Curious can connect you to a behavioral therapist that meets your needs. You can get started today if ACT Curious EAP is offered by your employer.

DISCLAIMER: The content of this blog is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Michelle Trudgen Clinical Director, ACT Curious.

copyright: 24 October 2017

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