Monthly Manager Maintenance Program (MMMP)

Team Management & Leadership Training In Australia


In today’s competitive business environment, much pressure is applied on managers and leaders of organisations; this can lead to ongoing high stress levels and affect leaders’ emotional, physical and mental health.

Managers and leaders are required to be agile, resilient and well-equipped to handle many situations, often at one time.

At ACT Curious, we recognise the critical need for continuous professional support to sustain and protect their leadership capabilities. We also understand the vital requirement for leaders to receive emotional and mental support, ensuring they consistently perform at the peak levels demanded by their roles.

Objectives of the MMMP Program:

1.  Stress Mitigation: Our program is designed to help leaders effectively manage both acute and chronic stressors associated with their leadership roles.

2.  Strategic Problem-Solving: We enable leaders to engage in meaningful discussions and develop strategies for tackling challenging situations they may encounter.

3.  Action Planning: We assist leaders in crafting action plans to achieve optimal outcomes for various workplace issues, fostering a proactive approach.

4.  Burnout Prevention: Through the practical application of therapeutic tools, we help reduce the risks of high stress and burnout, prioritizing leaders’ physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

5.  Long-term Well-being: Our program cultivates a culture of proactive, sustained physical and mental health and well-being among leaders.

6.  Leadership Growth: We facilitate the growth and development of leadership skills, personal attributes, and emotional intelligence.

7.  Customized Support: Leaders have the opportunity to define their objectives and create a tailored appointment schedule to work towards meeting these goals.

Here are some common scenarios that lead organisations and individuals to seek Manager Maintenance sessions.

Anxiety can strike any time, so workers can benefit from Manager Maintenance at any time. But there’s nothing like a new position to bring on a barrage of stress. Employees in new roles frequently appreciate Manager Maintenance sessions as part of their transition and onboarding, so they can work through the stressors of their new position.

Trying to change ourselves is always difficult. But not nearly so difficult as trying to change others. So, leaders and managers frequently participate in monthly or weekly Manager Maintenance sessions that help them efficiently and effectively bring about change in themselves and their teams, so they can work towards shared goals.

Leading and managing people presents many challenges. So many leaders and managers enjoy coming together in a group each month to debrief and then reflect on their performance, as well as to learn ways to grow both personally and professionally with support from experienced therapists who’ve been where they are.

Scheduling a MMMP Appointment:

We understand that every workplace and leadership role is unique. Therefore, the MMMP Program offers up to 12 maintenance sessions over a period of up to 12 months through your Employee Assistance Program (EAP) service.

These sessions can be scheduled monthly or even weekly, accommodating your specific needs and your organization’s requirements

Therapists with leadership qualifications and experience:

At ACT Curious, we’ve assembled a select group of therapists with both extensive experience in high-level leadership roles, as well as specialist qualifications in management and leadership.  They have led teams as managers and been team leaders themselves. This unique combination complemented by their clinical expertise allows  them to truly comprehend what it means to be leader and manager, as well as understand the complexities that come with such a role. 

Leading a team can be challenging, especially when the unexpected happens. And if the team isn’t emotionally and psychologically in a good place, the leader’s job becomes much more complicated.

The good news is, no one has to go it alone.

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