Personal Wellness = Organisational Wellness

Feb 22, 2019

Personal Wellness – Whatever else you might think is true, what is beyond doubt, is that an organisation is only as well as its employees. First you have people, second you have an organisation. Outstanding people make outstanding organisations.  Well, that’s not me I hear your little voice saying.  In fact, we are all outstanding the minute we take control of our life. I want to show you an example.

Mark T Bertolini is CEO of AETNA, a complex health and insurance organisation. In 2004 a skiing accident resulted in a spinal cord injury and constant pain from neuropathy. Already a practitioner of yoga, he practised yoga breathing, exercise, mediation and chanting before work to overcome his discomfort without the use of medication. It also helped him be more centred and fully present in the moment.

He brought the success of his personal experience into his workplace and encouraged employees to participate in yoga and mindfulness training. It was so successful he started incorporating mindfulness-based approaches into the wide range of wellness programs offered to both employees and customers. His health, the wellness of his employees and customers has built success upon success.

The programs are all different, but they share some common characteristics. The wellness programs that are most effective are simple, engaging, based on people’s personal values, goal-oriented and fit into people’s daily lives. ACT Curious EAP brings these same proven wellness benefits to every workplace. Valuable employees can gain the tools, skills, incentives and motivation to be happy and productive in the workplace and in the rest of life.

If you want additional support, ACT Curious can connect you to a behavioral therapist that meets your needs. You can get started today if ACT Curious EAP is offered by your employer.

DISCLAIMER: The content of this blog is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

Michelle Trudgen Director, ACT Curious.

copyright: 22 February 2019



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