Prosocial @ Work

From Me to We


Prosocial is about creating groups that work for everyone.

Prosocial @ Work is more than just good Human Resource Management. It is a program that helps employees to deeply understand who and what is important to them and what they want their life story to be about and stand for at work and at home.

The fundamental goal of any leader should be to increase well-being in the world. Having shared values, developing empathy, acts of kindness are other prosocial behaviours that are contagious. Prosocial behaviours in the workplace models encourages, and inspire others to act on shared values and help others.

Prosocial @ Work is a practical strategy that includes:

  1. Awareness of the personal interior
  2. Relationship quality
  3. Culture we create in groups using the Core Design Principles


Prosocial uses fundamental ACT techniques and its underlying construction of psychological flexibility helps groups realise the eight core design principles (based on the work of Nobel Prize winning economist Elinor Ostrim) that are needed to achieve common goals.


  1. Shared Identity & Purpose
  2. Equitable distribution of contributions & benefits
  3. Fair and inclusive decision making
  4. Monitoring behaviour
  5. Warranted course corrections (including indicated sanctions)
  6. Fast and fair conflict resolution
  7. Authority to self govern
  8. Collaborative relations with other groups.

Prosocial @ Work empowers groups to shift from Me to We to achieve shared goals

Prosocial @ Work


  • Is investing in employee mental health wellbeing
  • Is leading with vulnerability
  • Is practicing psychological flexibility
  • Is understanding the story of your past
  • Is noticing the child, adolescent, and adult in you
  • Is deeply knowing your values and who you want to stand for
  • Is know you can notice your past private mental experience and disseminate between current dangers
  • Is creating a shared sense of purpose and decision making
  • Is measuring things that go wrong and finding ways to successfully relate to other groups
  • Is talking about and knowing you have a choice how you respond at any time to any situation
  • Is moving closer to people who are important to you, even when difficult thoughts and feelings come up
  • Is contagious

We will work with you to plan a flexible and an individualised Prosocial @ Work Training Program that will improve the effectiveness and power of your group and help employees realise their full potential.

Contact to book a conversation with the Clinical Director, Michelle Trudgen to learn more about how Prosocial @ Work can increase the productivity, cooperation and wellbeing of your employee to be their best at work and at home.